We understand that to Know Your Customer (KYC) is serious business, because compliance is not simply an option or a nice-to-have.

As an international Forex Broker providing financial services, Haefen Capital (“the Company”) adheres to Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) policies with due diligence.

Our strict policies and procedures are applied to detect and prevent money laundering and other suspicious activities. The Company undertakes extensive precautions to prevent illicit money laundering activities and observes all international AML laws and regulations.

How is Money Laundering Defined?

When criminals attempt to relocate their illicit funds by transferring them to a lawful financial system without arousing any legal attention, this constitutes money laundering.

Do I Need to Prove My Identity Before Opening a Trading Account?

We place great importance on authenticating the identity of our customers and establishing that their funds are derived from a legal origin before opening a trading account or making a deposit. To prevent money laundering, the Company requests that customers provide supporting documentation as to proof of identity and the source of their funds before trading Forex with us.