Environmental, social and corporate governance factors are at the heart of our investment process.


All employees must familiarize themselves with the laws, regulations, ethical conduct requirements, and proper business practices which are becoming of a Haefen Capital employee, and each is responsible for adhering to all pertinent laws and regulations as well as principles and rules defined in the Code of Conduct.


Employees are required to preserve our clients’ confidentiality and are not permitted to divulge such information to any third-party unless legally required to do so. This includes any and all information to which they become privy during the client relationship.


Safety of Funds

Haefen Capital ensures the utmost level of protection of clients’ funds at all times. We appreciate the trust our clients have placed in us and we constantly strive to preserve that. Our dedication to our clients has established us as a respected industry leader because of our integrity and reputation, which are imperative. Therefore, the protection of our clients’ funds is a priority.